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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your luggage policy?

We guarantee 25 lbs of luggage per guest, however, if there is space available we will do our best to accommodate all excess baggage. Maximum luggage dimensions allowed are H22” x W9” x L18”

Can I book a private flight to Catalina Island?
Absolutely, we also fly to Two Harbors, Airport in the Sky and Emerald Bay on Catalina Island.
How long does it take to fly to Catalina Island?
Exact flight-times vary depending on the type of aircraft, however, the following list gives an accurate indication from our most popular departure locations:

Long Beach to Avalon – 15 minutes
San Pedro to Avalon – 16 minutes
Orange County to Avalon – 20 minutes
Burbank to Avalon – 30 minutes
LAX to Avalon – 25 minutes
Santa Monica to Avalon – 24 minutes
San Diego to Avalon – 40 minutes
Palm Springs to Avalon – 55 minutes

Do you fly to Catalina Island at night?
Our last departure is 30 minutes prior to sunset.
Can I fly the helicopter?
How do I get to town after I land on Catalina Island?
Our pilots will ask if you need a taxi on arrival in Avalon (we are not responsible for payment of ground transportation). You may also walk to main street, it takes roughly 30 minutes.
Can I bring a cooler onboard?

We cannot guarantee accommodating coolers, due to our 25lb p.p. baggage policy.  No ice or liquids are allowed while transporting a cooler. Maximum cooler dimensions allowed are H22” x W9” x L18”

How many guests can a helicopter accommodate?
It is determined by total passenger weight. Below are the maximum number of guests for each of the styles of aircraft we fly:

Sikorsky S76 – 9 guests
A-Star – 6 guests
JetRanger – 4 guests

On our way to Avalon will we fly around the island?

Your flight is direct to our heliport in Avalon, however we do offer a wide range of awesome sightseeing tours which can be booked separately, please visit our dedicated Catalina Island page for more information.

What do I need to bring with me when I check in?

If your payment was completed in advance, all we need is a valid ID.  Please also remember to watch our safety video prior to arrival. You may find it at the bottom of this page.

What is your pet policy?

Animals less than 25 lbs. may be transported in the cabin on your lap, in middle seats only, in a pet carrier not to exceed the following dimensions: length 24”, by width 16” and height 18”. All other animals can be transported in a carrier in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. All companion animals must comply with this policy regardless of whether they are a “trained service animal”, an “emotional support animal” or a “pet”. Click here to read the full policy.

IEX Helicopters Safety Briefing

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