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The Airbus AS350 ‘A-star’ and its variants are the most widely used helicopters in the world. It is a swift, versatile, and easily maneuverable aircraft with excellent performance even at the highest altitudes. The A-Star can comfortably fit 5-6 guests in a forward-facing seating style, offering exceptional visibility to all passengers. It is the most popular choice for tours, aerial photography, and utility work.

A true star….

The A-Star has been breaking world records since its introduction. It is easy to see why it has become a favorite for most helicopter needs, thanks to its fast cruising speed, impressive range, and its wide and easily accessible cabin through 2 large doors. It is arguably the most functional single-engine rotorcraft on the market.

Up to 6 passengers

Top speed 178 mph

Turbine engine
Perfect for tours
Best visibility