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The EC130 helicopter stands as a testament to modern aviation excellence, embodying a remarkable fusion of versatility and innovation. This single-engine aircraft has garnered widespread acclaim for its extraordinary performance attributes, agile maneuverability, and exceptional visibility from all seats.

An unmistakable silhouette paired with an unrivaled cabin.

Beyond its beautiful fuselage and dynamic flight attributes, the EC130 boasts a spacious cabin that caters to the comfort of its occupants, accommodating 6-7 guests in a unique “theater-style” seating arrangement. The helicopter’s design prioritizes both passenger experience and environmental responsibility, exemplified by its ingenious Fenestron Tail Rotor. This groundbreaking feature significantly reduces noise levels while simultaneously minimizing its carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

The cabin layout can be customized for special operations such as doors-off aerial videography or club seating for increased legroom and filming inside the cabin.

Up to 7 passengers

Top speed 178 mph

Turbine engine
Perfect for tours
Best visibility