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Uncompromising comfort. Unrivaled speed. Infinite flexibility. The Sikorsky S76 has been the longest standing leader of executive helicopters for a good reason. Its unparalleled luxury, extensive range, and well-proven safety record set the highest standard in helicopter travel. And with more spacious cabins and larger luggage compartments, none of the 9 passengers will have to travel light.

Fly in the same helicopter used by the President of the United States and the British Royal Family…

There is nothing quite like a Sikorsky S-76, which is why it is trusted by more Fortune 100 companies than all other luxury helicopters combined. It is truly the smoothest, quickest and most convenient mode of point-to-point travel.

Zero compromise. Infinite flexibility. Charter an S-76. 

Up to 9 passengers
Top speed 178 mph
Twin engine for power and reliability
Largest baggage compartment
Spacious and quiet cabins