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Recipe name: The Ultimate Las Vegas Experience

Serves : 1-18 pax per aircraft

Prep time: only a few minutes with our Concierge Team

Ingredients: Private jet, Helicopter, Luxurious Hotel, Entertainment, (add-ons available)


  1. Choose the dates for your once-in-a-lifetime Vegas experience
  2. Select private jet based on your taste or the size of your entourage
  3. Name any special requests regarding your suite at a 5-star property
  4. Select type and date of helicopter experience: Grand Canyon Tour or Vegas Heli-shooting*
  5. Select date for TAO Nightclub VIP experience
  6. Enjoy the sickest weekend of your life!

Add-ons available. Need a triple Michelin star dinner or a two-story penthouse suite? We’ll throw that in for ya.