IEX Helicopters Partners with EVOLUX Rideshare App

IEX Helicopters Partners with the EVOLUX SKYSHARE App to Bring “UberPool-esque Helicopter Charter Reservations to Southern California

SKYSHARE Groups, an event-focused social reservation platform, aims to redefine executive and leisure helicopter travel over and around LA in an “UberPool for the Sky” fashion.


Los Angeles, CA (November 21, 2017)Island Express Helicopters (“IEX Helicopters”) and EvoLux Transportation (“EvoLux”) announced today that they are joining forces to bring custom helicopter ride-sharing reservations to Southern California!

IEX Helicopters, best known for their twin-engine Sikorsky S-76 helicopters for executive charters, as well as their exclusive Catalina Island flight excursions, wants to help make helicopter travel more common and in-reach as the ultimate alternative to distance and traffic congestion.

EvoLux, a nationwide helicopter charter marketplace and reservation app, allows travelers to see helicopter friendly destinations on a map, identify and compare nearby available helicopters, and request to book private “SKYLIMO” charters or tours directly with the air carrier of their choice. EvoLux users also have the option to organize crowd-sourced flights by using the platform’s social, SKYSHARE™ reservation feature. SKYSHARE reservations are seat-price, goal-oriented bookings where travelers leverage their social networks to invite friends, business colleagues or other EvoLux members to join and fill additional seats in their charter request, thus greatly reducing the cost of their helicopter ride.

Unlike the popular car-sharing apps, custom helicopter charter does require that travelers plan ahead and provide helicopter operators with ample lead time before submitting a flight request.
When you have a group of 3 or 4 going to ball game, but there’s 8 seats on a helicopter, how do you find others ahead of time that are looking to take off from the same location, going to the same destination at the same time? Enter EvoLux’s newest feature, SKYSHARE GROUPS. These “Groups” are public and private discussion boards, not actual flight reservations, where EvoLux users can join others on common routes to shared destinations, collaborate on itineraries, and pre-organize SKYSHARE reservations that can be posted within the groups for those who have expressed interest to join by a deadline.

“We’ve had our eye on Southern California for some time, where we knew that our app could really help business and leisure travelers self-aggregate on common routes organically and split the cost of a 14-minute flight rather than a 90-minute stop and go drive. Let’s face it, highway expansion can’t keep pace with population growth in our major cities, and car hailing apps are only putting more cars on the roadways. People would rather stay home than go fight traffic to an event on the other side of the metropolitan area” said Ray Leavitt, Founder of EvoLux. “What if helicopter travel became as affordable as commercial air travel? You may not use it all the time, but you would definitely use it for sporting events, conferences, golf outings, music festivals, visits to local wineries, and for special occasions” continued Leavitt.

IEX Helicopters welcomes the idea of organizing those interested in shared helicopter experiences and has sponsored many popular SKYSHARE Group “routes” on the EvoLux App like Burbank or Orange County to Palm Springs or for loyal Chargers fans in San Diego to attend games in LA. Users can join the groups that are relevant to them, and even create their own public or exclusive travel groups. Since EvoLux is a custom helicopter booking platform, has no upfront membership costs, and does not limit crowdsourced flights to fixed departure locations, average seat prices range from $250 – $1,150 per person depending on the selected aircraft, distance, trip type, and how many passengers actually join a flight reservation.

“If Uber, AirBnB, and Expedia merged to focus on helicopter travel, they would have created the EvoLux platform to disrupt the traditional charter booking process and provide some relief to SoCal travelers wanting to rise above the congestion. Additionally, high-end destinations off the beaten path such as wineries, racetracks, golf courses, ski-resorts and casinos who have a hard time attracting their clientele from a distance, now have an exhilarating travel amenity and experience to offer their guests to visit more often.” said Ben Villalobos, VP of Business Development with IEX Helicopters.

Please check out some of the IEX sponsored routes and join SKYSHARE Groups that make the most sense for your travel needs! Early adopters can invite others to their routes that would love sharing helicopter flights as an alternative mode of transport around Southern California –

Burbank to Palm Springs –

San Diego to LA Chargers Games –

Orange County to Coachella –

Burbank to Coachella –

Van Nuys to Santa Barbara –

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 About IEX Helicopters

IEX Helicopters is recognized as Southern California’s trusted leader of exclusive helicopter charter and tour services, flying thousands of guests annually, to choice destinations.  The company is also well-known for transportation and tours to Catalina Island, landing at their private heliport for over 35 years.  IEX Helicopters departs from any SoCal airport and boast 3 exclusive heliports, has a large fleet of diverse aircraft, including three twin engine Sikorsky S76’s, the most trusted VIP helicopter in the industry.  Services provided also include the popular LA/ Hollywood and Coastal Tours, destination packages, TV/film production, aerial photography, as well as oil/utility work.

Core values are paramount to their longevity and success; safety is the #1 priority throughout the company along with their carefully well- maintained fleet, highly experienced pilots and professional staff.  Learn more at

About EvoLux

EvoLux Transportation, LLC is a Sikorsky Innovations’ Award Winning travel-technology and lifestyle company that has developed and launched a nationwide air charter marketplace and social reservation platform for custom regional jet and helicopter travel. Historically, EVOLUX focused on helicopter charter only, pioneering the world’s first private helicopter charter marketplace with a proprietary FAA Part-135 compliant per-seat social-reservation platform, but has since grown into a global distribution system for helicopter friendly destinations, as well as helicopter, turbo-prop, and light jet charter operators. EVOLUX is empowering travelers with the opportunity to crowd-source private air travel using self-aggregation principles to democratize non-scheduled private aviation at price-points comparable to first-class commercial air travel. EvoLux is your access to the highway in the skys. EvoLux is the evolution in luxury transport!

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