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Catalina Wine Mixer 2018

The 4th Annual CATALINA WINE MIXER   18   September, 2018 @IEXhelicopters @realCatalinaWineMixer @VisitCatalinaIsland "It's the  @#$%! Catalina Wine Mixer" For the 4th year in a row now, we are proud to be part of the biggest 'Step Brothers' movie-themed weekend-long...


01   September, 2018 @KaabooDelMar @IEXhelicopters Up your KAABOO game this year Say hello to KAABOO and say goodbye to California highways. Take a heli to the event in less than 30 mins. IEX Helicopters is happy to bring you some of the most high-end KAABOO deals....

Landing on Leight Star

LANDING ON LEIGHT STAR     19   July, 2018 @jazzabel @trevorfromwherever Landing on Leight Star There’s a sense of serenity whenever you visit Catalina Island, and our recent trip was no exception. After spending the morning on the Catalina Cyclone, exploring...

Catching a heli to Catalina

28MARCH, 2018@Jazzabel @Stay.driven Every now and then you can see Catalina Island as you're driving down Newport Coast, and each time it decides to make an appearance past the smog, Trevor and I always say how much we want to go. But catching a boat over...

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